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Screening for Cervical Cancer

Screening for cervical cancer Meghan Betts   You can follow Meghan at Let’s Talk Medical   The National Cervical Screening Program initiated in 1991 currently provides cervical screening tests via a Pap smear. Pap smears do not detect or diagnose cervical cancer; however, they are important for identifying cellular changes or abnormalities which may be … Continue reading Screening for Cervical Cancer

How the microbiome affects the development of allergies

  By Meghan Betts   Increasing evidence suggests that a disruption of the healthy human microbiome (i.e. communities of microbes, their genetic content and their interaction with the human host) is linked to an increased risk of developing allergic diseases.   Studies have shown that newborns who later develop either asthma or allergies commonly have … Continue reading How the microbiome affects the development of allergies

Are we at risk of a post-antibiotic era?

  By Meghan Betts   Globally, antimicrobial resistance (AMR)  is becoming an increasingly serious public health concern. In particular, the development of antibiotic resistance – due to the frequent and commonplace use of antibiotics in modern society – has become a highlighted medical issue in recent times. Antibiotic resistance is now considered to be one … Continue reading Are we at risk of a post-antibiotic era?

March for Science

  Science not Silence! By Meghan Betts  Thousands of people across Australia rallied together for the ‘March for Science’ on Earth Day 2017 (Saturday 22nd April) as part of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economics and government. Demonstrations were held around the world, from the North … Continue reading March for Science

Should we all be taking probiotics?

  Over recent years there has been a surge in products containing live cultures of ‘good bacteria’, or ‘probiotics’, that claim to aid digestion, ease intestinal problems and keep your gut microbiota (the microbial population that lives in your gut) balanced and healthy. But are these probiotics as good for you as they seem? In … Continue reading Should we all be taking probiotics?

Depression versus bipolar

  Distinguishing between depression and bipolar disorder   Bipolar disorder is a chronic condition that affects approximately 2% of the Australian population. It was previously known as ‘manic depression’ which encompassed the extreme and uncontrollable mood swings between states of manic highs and depressive lows that are experienced by those with the disorder.   Symptoms … Continue reading Depression versus bipolar

Men and Contraception

    Will there ever be a hormonal contraception method for men?   Although there are a wide variety of contraceptive options for females to prevent pregnancy, the choices available for men to have control over their fertility have not changed for over a century. These choices either have a lower efficacy, such as condoms … Continue reading Men and Contraception

How to cope with mental health issues in the workplace

  Approximately 45% of Australians experience mental health issues at some point during their lifetime. The majority of workers successfully manage their illness without it impacting on their work, The majority of workers successfully manage their illness without it impacting on their work, however, some may require workplace support for a short period of time … Continue reading How to cope with mental health issues in the workplace

Understanding Anxiety

Understanding anxiety Meghan Betts   An overwhelming feeling of worry and fear, a racing heart, a trembling in my hands and knees I couldn’t stop… these are all experiences I went through on a near-daily basis before I learnt to manage my anxiety. The total feeling of being completely out of control, even of my … Continue reading Understanding Anxiety

Treating anxiety disorders

Treating anxiety disorders Meghan Betts   Effective treatments help you to control your anxiety so that it no longer controls you. There are multiple methods for treating anxiety and which works best for you depends on you as an individual and what type of anxiety you are experiencing. There are a range of mental health … Continue reading Treating anxiety disorders