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Understanding Anxiety

Understanding anxiety Meghan Betts   An overwhelming feeling of worry and fear, a racing heart, a trembling in my hands and knees I couldn’t stop… these are all experiences I went through on a near-daily basis before I learnt to manage my anxiety. The total feeling of being completely out of control, even of my … Continue reading Understanding Anxiety

Treating anxiety disorders

Treating anxiety disorders Meghan Betts   Effective treatments help you to control your anxiety so that it no longer controls you. There are multiple methods for treating anxiety and which works best for you depends on you as an individual and what type of anxiety you are experiencing. There are a range of mental health … Continue reading Treating anxiety disorders

Team Building

Six tips on keeping your team performance at its best Contributor: Meghan Betts Effective teamwork is crucial in the healthcare sector, whether you’re in the operating theater or working on the wards, as the public’s health and well-being are in your hands. Poor teamwork and miscommunication can disrupt procedures, lead to inaccuracies or cause unnecessary … Continue reading Team Building

Would I be more productive with a Personal Concierge?

Personal Assistants in companies are becoming as rare as hen’s teeth and even “significant other” partners simply don’t have the time to organise your holidays or remember birthdays, let alone make your dental or car service appointments. The luxury of Hotel Concierges is that they are available to do absolutely everything for you – similar … Continue reading Would I be more productive with a Personal Concierge?

Is it Okay for Children to Visit the GP Alone?

Adolescence is a far from simple for most. With so many things changing mentally, socially and physically, children can become overwhelmed during this time and often take this out on their parents. Parenting during this time becomes increasingly difficult. New issues arise as children grow older. These include health issues that children may find to … Continue reading Is it Okay for Children to Visit the GP Alone?

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Need Content Marketing?

There’s no doubt that professionals in the healthcare sector have the content, but what many lack is the marketing. Doctors, surgeons, nutritionists, optometrists, and all other healthcare professionals have so much information running around in their brains that it can be hard for them to put it all down onto paper. Although it is very … Continue reading Why Do Healthcare Professionals Need Content Marketing?