About Us

Our mission is simple.

If you run a medical, dental or health practice, we are here to help your practice be more productive. 

We use our media, communication and marketing skills to help spread the word about your practice. It is a tough competitive market out there and if you are not on your toes, you find yourself on the downhill slippery slope. 

What makes us great to work with is the fact that we love what we do - it's an absolute pleasure for us to see the 'Whoa - I didn't think was possible' on our client's faces. 

We do everything from running educational seminars and conferences for health professionals to writing informative blogs for the general public. We help you with social media marketing and write winning press releases for your practice. 

In short, we are here to bring more clients through your door.

Why Health

Healthcare is at the top of the agenda for most nations around the globe. However, the health sector often grapples with staff shortages, overworked clinicians, rising costs, and limited resources. As the demand for health services grows in a society with an ageing population and lifestyle related diseases, governments and healthcare providers are introducing measures to make health care more effective and efficient.

Qerac was created help healthcare providers in the medical and pharmaceutical industry deliver improved patient communications and enhanced provider education.

Qerac operates out of both Perth, Western Australia and Mumbai, India. Having worked in healthcare for many years, we understand the overwhelming need for a services company that will help health professionals communicate across different platforms.


Shoma’s background is in writing and journalism, but she has also worked in public health for a number of years. She founded and is nurturing Qerac to become the leading source of credible, authoritative and impartial health information through quality content in medical conferences, seminars, webinars and patient/product information films.

Outside of work she loves fine art, music, literature and long walks.


Business & IT Consultant
Ramgopal is from the business side. He has experience as diverse as customer support, supply chain management, ERP systems, business process management and change, compliance and networking. Coupled with a love for all technology, he brings a clear understanding of what it can deliver to business. He is also heavily involved in environmental and conservation issues that we face today.


Marketing Manager
Jack is currently studying a bachelor of commerce at the University of Western Australia, majoring in both marketing and management. Jack’s passion in his academic pursuits has lead him to be more forthcoming in taking proactive steps towards his graduation. Since concluding his marketing major last year, he is completing his management major and pursuing work as a freelance marketer.


Cinematographic Editor
Sophia found her way to Perth all the way from the United States of America. She moved here to be with her husband who is studying in Perth. Sophia has majored in journalism and media. She is a quick witted, quirky and an incredibly good writer and editor.


Graphic Designer
Wayn is a graphic designer & letterer currently based in Perth. With a bachelor degree in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design, he has a keen eye for detail and a passion for all things creative. Since graduating a few years back, he has been freelancing on a full time basis. He handles most of the graphic design jobs that come through, and has collaborated with Qerac to come up with design strategies and solutions for businesses and campaign such as the Baby Steps project for Liver Foundation of Western Australia.


Illustrator / Graphic Designer
From a young age Soolagna’s has always had a passion for design. Since graduating from Curtin University, her skill sets has evolved from illustration and graphic design through to story boarding, conceptual art, design and all things creative. When she’s not burning through the Adobe Creative suite, you can find her zoning out in the wilderness with a cup of tea.


Born in Singapore and raised in Australia, Pearl was encouraged to pursue a career in the arts after family and peers took note of her drawing skills. At age thirteen, she taught herself how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. These skills and her ongoing participation in online art communities really prepared her for the Digital Design course at Curtin University. Since her graduation some years ago, her passion for drawing has expanded along with her newfound love for animation and pre-production. Pearl is currently balancing her work life with her academic career as she is undergoing a scholarship program for digital art and animation.


Jennifer was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. At a young age she developed an affinity for illustration, followed closely by a love of animation. Nowadays her love of illustration and animation persists. She has also developed a keen interest in graphic design and pre-production, including storyboarding and concept art. Since graduating she has focused her efforts on freelancing for animation projects. Ultimately she would love to experience working as part of a creative agency or studio.


Medical Writer and Blogger

Meghan has joined us from the UK as a freelance medical writer after travelling South East Asia for 4 months. She has a background in molecular cell biology and last year completed her PhD researching the role of autophagy in Crohn's Disease. With a love of science and medicine she is working towards a career in medical communications and is freelancing on a part time basis whilst here in Australia. Meghan is also passionate about travelling, animal welfare and feminism and writes other blog topics for digital magazines in her spare time. When she's not working Meghan loves relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea.


Marketing in India
Anchit is results oriented with a strong desire to take projects from beginning to end. He has hands-on experience in all phases of marketing including such areas as social media, marketing strategy and marketing communications.

Why Us

Qerac Healthcare Communications is about helping the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector establish positive communication within the healthcare industry and with the outside world across all media and platforms.

Widespread advances in content marketing and digital technology are changing the world in every field. Qerac keeps your communications relevant, effective and in the right places. We also support health not for profit organisations by offering our services at considerably reduced rates.

We are accredited providers of training to the medical sector, through our accreditation with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). For more information about the RACGP, please click here.

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