Would I be more productive with a Personal Concierge?

Personal Assistants in companies are becoming as rare as hen’s teeth and even “significant other” partners simply don’t have the time to organise your holidays or remember birthdays, let alone make your dental or car service appointments.

The luxury of Hotel Concierges is that they are available to do absolutely everything for you – similar to a Personal Assistant, but once you check-out that source of knowledge and additional time has gone too.

So what’s another option? Hiring your own Personal Concierge.

Those that have one, will often say “time is worth so much more than money” even if they are paying themselves. It is money well spent on giving hours and even days back to your life.

Personal Concierges are truly unique, not only do they have a “can-do and will-do” attitude, but their main purpose in life is to give you the permission to let go of the little things (and the big things). As a Personal Concierge my main purpose in life is to see that sigh (and smile) of sheer relief on my client’s face, when they know I am there for them – no matter what, when or how the ‘hell’ I did it! I (or we: one of my team) will take care of everything in your life and handle it – apart from that which you are good at.

A Personal Concierge can be all things – from managing your iTunes database; buying and wrapping your extensive family’s Christmas presents; organising a professional babysitter; booking the restaurant for your surprise anniversary dinner; buying your clothes; sorting your office; phoning Telstra support; delivering important documents; and the really good ones (like me:) go always go above and beyond.

You may be exceptional at managing your iTunes database; but having someone else take care of all the birthdays/anniversaries, wardrobe requirements and other random tasks that distract or are time-consuming and get in the way of your life goals and successes, can only lead to a healthier stress less life.

Now just imagine handing over say 1 or maybe 5 hours of the tedious parts of your life each week; what freedom you can have and the time that becomes available to handle the more difficult or personal tasks.

Ultimately, it makes you actually move and complete those projects you have been procrastinating on for so long.

If your evenings and weekends are not as free to enjoy as they really should be, try a Personal Concierge for a couple of hours one week and feel the difference; that mental to-do list you have rattling around in your brain will soon diminish and you’ll be wondering how you ever found time to enjoy your life before you had your Personal Concierge.

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